How did the belly ‘pregnant healed “after giving birth: Photo soon after birth

Pregnant belly healed after giving birthPlayback / Instagram

Orthomolecular and sports nutritionist Gabriela Zugliani, which became known as the "pregnant healed" after displaying a cracked abdomen throughout pregnancy, she returned to call attention to post a picture of abdomen set the day after the birth of daughter Betina.

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Pregnant belly healed after giving birth 3Playback / InstagramBarriga Gabriela shortly after partoEla told that doctors were surprised at his belly and took the opportunity to explain why they did a C-section. "My doctor said that the extremely strengthened both muscles of the abdomen as the uterus would be difficult for a normal delivery", Said in a post on Instagram. "I heard them during childbirth that there was no fat and the muscle was very fibrada. The tone was that they were really impressed. But thank God once again gave it right! Delivery was very calm and Betina was born very healthy", She said, who has two other children. Next to the photo of the newborn daughter, the caption read: "Threshed much in Mommy's tummy and so much out here sleeping like".

Exercise in pregnancy

Gabriela caused controversy during her pregnancy to display a cracked belly at eight months and reveal the heavy exercise routine throughout pregnancy, weight lifting with up to 150 kilograms and 500 kilograms on his back legs.

Pregnant belly healed after giving birth 2Playback / Instagram

According to her, all activities performed during pregnancy had professional monitoring and medical clearance. Also, she always made it clear that the exercises for pregnant women vary according to the physical condition of each woman. "is not anyone who can train intensely in a pregnancy. I have proper physical condition for this for many years"He said.

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