How to prevent the house from becoming dirty with 9 quick tips

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Clean the house It is a boring and laborious but necessary task. Despite the desire to postpone the service, one hour it needs to be done. However, the cleaning need not be a torture session: there are ways to reduce the work and make it easier. As? Simply avoiding the house accumulate as much dirt between each cleaning.

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It may seem double work, but in the end, your time will be saved. The following solutions do not take more than one minute to complete and will save a much bigger hassle in the future.

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Do not let the mess is formed. This step is so simple and yet so ignored by most people. He pulled out of the closet and will not use? Give it back! Do not go throwing your belongings everywhere when you get home: deposit them in one place.

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Throw out expired products. Be food in the refrigerator or bathroom products, so she realizes that the validity period has expired, put in the trash. A spoiled food can leave bad smell in the refrigerator and contaminate the rest. A rusty razor blade can spot the bathroom surface. Do not let these things build up and give you trouble later.

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Keep a pack baby wipes in the bathroom. They serve to clean various types of stains and dirt that may appear in this location.

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Wash the dishes. But wash now, not later. In addition to impart a dirty air to the kitchen food waste may soak the utensils, making cleaning more difficult.

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So clean that mess. Dropped wine on the carpet? He broke a vase? Do 'damage control' as soon as possible. Dry stains are very difficult (if not impossible) to remove.

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Make your bed. When she's messy, the whole room seems to be dirty and disorganized. It is a simple step in the morning that will guarantee a better look to your room.

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Take the shoe before entering the house. You just get the street, does not contaminate your home with good clean any dirt that has collected on the way.

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Play warm water on the walls of the box in the shower. This will gradually diluting the fat that accumulates.

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Make meals only in the kitchen. It may be tempting to grab a bite on the couch while watching TV, but think about the crumbs, sauces and beverages that may fall on your upholstery, attracting insects and leaving permanent stains. Eat first and then go see your favorite program.

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