6 signs that you are in a loveless marriage

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Fights, small crises and even a certain temporary removal may be natural in a lasting relationship. However, if you feel that the problems are increasing and can not see a light at the end of the tunnel, it might be time to reassess the dating or marriage. Making the decision to put an end to relationship It is not easy, but it is often crucial to restore the happiness and self-esteem. Meet six signs that you are in a loveless marriage:

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You boycott and ignore your instincts. Even feeling that there is more love in the relationship, try to make excuses and shift the focus of important issues pretending that everything is fine.

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You live busy and always willing to solve emotional problems of friends and family. The truth is that is not always being helpful, but leaving aside the fact that it's your marriage that does not go well.

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You realize that the distance between you and your partner are growing and expects others to seek help from a professional.

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You is already imagining and fantasizing how your life would be without your partner and, worse, feel that it could be better.

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You come to ignore each other so strongly that not even fight anymore.

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Disputes are inevitable in a relationship, but if the debates depart for physical aggression and moral abuse, is a clear sign that there is more respect and love between you.

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