Orlando mothers: women give devastating accounts of children in tragedy

pulse nightclub tragedyo Raedle / Staff / Getty ImagesEntrada club Pulse where people were mortar 50 by a sniper, USA

The greatest tragedy with firearms in US history happened in the early hours of June 12, 2016, at the nightclub LGBT Pulse in Orlando, and shocked the world.

Tragedy in the US

In the attack, 50 people died and 53 were injured. The FBI, US domestic intelligence service, investigating whether it is a hate crime, it was a domestic or international terrorist attack.

The shooter was identified as Omar Sissiqui Mateen, 29. The US is the son of Afghans and was killed by a police officer. He broke into the armed spot with a pistol and a rifle at around 2 am (3 am GMT) and started shooting at people who were into the party.

Victims of massacre

honors victimsDaniel Munoz / Stringer / Getty ImagesPessoas pay homage to the victims with candles and LGBT flags

Helene Royster is the mother of one of the wounded in the massacre. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, she said she woke up around 2:30 in the morning with a son connection.
"He was crying and screaming. Then he said, 'Mom, have bodies here.' I did not know what to think. So my husband and I ran to the car. I'm here trying to comfort people".

The testimony was given in front of the hospital Orlando Medical Center along with other family members awaiting information on the victims.

According to Helene, her son was in the club's patio with a drink when he heard a series of shots and jumped the fence into the street. He was accompanied by two friends at the party, but one of them had come to pay the bill, he took three shots and was hospitalized. On the other, he had not even news.

While Helene told what he already knew about the tragedy, his son paid testimony to the FBI.

distress call

terrorist attack phonePlayback / Extra victim tried to call for help to his mother before dying

Mine already afflicted by Justice still awaited son of news, which communicated with her for the last time during the attack by text message. The Justice Eddie's mother told local reporters that he was sleeping when he received the first message in which he said: "Mom, I love you".

Then he wrote "The club where the shooting hears". When reading, Mina tried to call his son, but got no response. With that, he sent an SMS asking if he was okay. At 2:07 a.m., the son returned saying he was stuck in the bathroom.

She then asked what was the name of the club and he replied: "Pulse ... Call the police"Then added: "I will die".

Mina called the police and sent several messages to Eddie that only responded to the 2:39 saying "Call them (the police), mother. Now. He is coming. I will die".

Ten minutes later, Eddie told her mother who was still hidden in the bathroom and that the police had to go get them. On being informed by his mother that the police were already there, he replied: "Quickly. He is in the bathroom with us. He is a terrorist".

The last message from Eddie was a "Yes"Sent one minute after his mother ask him if the terrorist was actually in the bathroom.

Earlier on Monday (13), the name Eddie was announced in the list of casualties.

This suffering in search of the son of news was very similar to other mothers, as the full list of victims has not been disclosed.

Mother despairs

Desperate mother bombing orlandoGerardo Mora / Stringer / Getty ImagesMãe if desperou to get to the club where his son was

Shortly after the shooting, another mother went to the site of the tragedy still not knowing what had happened. "I do not know where my son is. No one can tell me where my son is, if he was shot, if he's dead. Nobody knows. But they (authorities) tell me that was dead"Said the woman.

The mother who came weeping at the club, called and sent several messages to the child no response. The only information she had was the boyfriend of his son, who was beside him, he was shot several times and had been sent to hospital.

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