What is the best smartphone? See 7 cheap options worth VERY worth

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At the time of cellular exchange, always appears this question: which device to buy? If the pocket is a little tight, the tip is to invest in a type that meets your needs without weighing both the budget. Whereas the top of the line models come out around R $ 3000, worth searching to find cheaper versions.

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To give you an forcinha that decision, we made a list with seven smartphones that offer excellent value for money. Check it!

* Prices checked in 2015 Augusts.

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Moto G 2nd generation

It is one of the most sold mobile phones in Brazil today for their benefit cost. It has different color options with light and modern design. Main camera with 8MP and front 2 MP. 8GB of memory, reaching 32GB using the micro SD card. 5 screen" and 3G technology. The mobile R be between $ 600 and $ 700 US.

Zenfone 5

Asus was not even as well known in Brazil before the arrival of Zenfone 5, which became the biggest competitor Moto G. The main camera also has 8MP and front apresenta2 MP. But the memory is higher than the Motorola mobile device: stores up to 16 GB and can reach 64 GB using a micro SD card. 5 screen" and 3G technology. The device costs around $ 600 US.

best smartphones 2ThinkstockPor R $ 600 you can buy a good smartphone

Xperia M2 Aqua

The difference between this Sony device already appears in the name: it is waterproof. The screen is slightly smaller (4.8"), But nothing that makes much difference. It has excellent workmanship and 4G technology. The memory is 8GB, 8MP main camera and a front 1.1 MP. It costs on average R $ 900.

LG L90

With screen 4.7" and 3G technology, the L90 is very similar to the Moto G, missing a bit on the front camera of 1 MP. The rear camera has 8 MP. The memory has 8 GB of space, but with the use of the SD card can reach 32 GB. The price is also attractive: Currently, the device is between R $ 500 and R $ 600.

G3 Stylus

One of the main attractions of this LG main camera device is the MP 13 (the front has 1.3 MP). Its screen is also slightly higher than the competitors, with 5.5". Internal memory of 8 GB and 3G technology. Price of R $ 700.

3 best smartphonesThinkstockA camera quality is one of the items that should be taken into account

Samsung Galaxy Core 2

This Samsung phone is part of the intermediate line and has main camera 5 MP 0.3 MP and the front internal memory of 4 GB. The display is 4.5" and 3G technology. The price will be very attractive, around R $ 500.

Nokia Lumia 630

The only list that comes with the Windows Phone system. The price is very attractive, between R $ 400 and R $ 500, but the downside is that it does not have front camera and the main thing is not there those things - is only 5 MP. 8GB internal memory, 4.5 screen" and 3G technology.

Ready! Now just choose your preferred ensure his Smartphone insurance and take advantage of all the technology available.

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