saturated fats, unsaturated and trans; understand the differences

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Anyone who thinks that fat It is all the same, is very wrong. They are available in three different food types of fats: unsaturated, saturated and trans saturated. While the former helps reduce triglycerides, the other two increase bad cholesterol and bring a lot of damage to the body, especially the trans.

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unsaturated fat

Avocado is one of the fruits rich in unsaturated fats that protect the heart. Credit: Shutterstock

Existing versions in mono and poly-unsaturated fat that brings only benefits to health. found in plant foods, it is liquid at room temperature and acts in the body by reducing bad cholesterol levels, triglycerides (a type of fat that clogs the arteries and causes the famous belly of beer) and blood pressure.

Olive oil is an excellent source of this fat for good, as well as tree nuts (chestnuts, walnuts, macadamia) and seeds (flax, pumpkin, chia). Avocado is also rich in unsaturated fat, and vitamins and minerals.

Saturated fat

It is found in food of animal origin. In red meat it focuses primarily on fat and white, the skin. The milk and dairy products (butter, sour cream, yogurt, cheese) also have good doses of this fat, especially full versions and yellow cheese.

Nutritional Delivery Diet, Brunna Reis explains that at room temperature, this fat is present in solid state and when it is consumed, operates in the production of bad cholesterol (LDL), which remains in the circulation and clog blood vessels. Thus, those who consume large amounts of fatty foods, are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

A hamburger with cheese and bacon is a saturated fat pump. How about replacing it with a vegetarian burger with quinoa and brie cheese?

Trans fat

Cookies, ice cream and snacks are champions in trans fats. Credit: Shutterstock

Trans fat is formed by a chemical process called hydrogenation, wherein liquid vegetable oils are subjected to high pressure and temperature, giving a solid fat with ideal texture for the manufacture of processed foods. This fat is responsible for letting the tastiest food, crunchy, creamy and friendly to the palate.

The main sources of these fats are stuffed biscuits, chips, ice cream, pack snack foods, margarine and fast food. "Trans fat is the most harmful to health, because while it increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) lowers good cholesterol, HDL. This is why food manufacturers are reducing the use of this fat or even eliminating the", Says nutritionist.

To find out how much trans fat is taking home, be attentive to food labels.

A fruit that helps the body get rid of excess fat is the lemon. Watch the video and get to know the other benefits.

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