9 movies to watch on Netflix so bad end up being good option to relax

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You know that movie to watch at the end of that week so bad that it gives so eager to share with friends and her boyfriend, while share a popcorn and give a good laugh? It is the classic bad, but it's good. Is relax, travel in imagination, release tension and ensures fun. Meet seven so feature films on Netflix.

Movies unmissable bad to see

"Lovers Passenger" (2013)

To get that long is another crazy work of Pedro Almodóvar. Almost as schizophrenic as Kika, the film is set in an aircraft in which the crew decides to take hallucinogenic drugs. music business, slapstick half comedy, half nonsense, it is worthwhile to give some good laughs.

"Sharknado" 1, 2, 3 and 4 (2013)

Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, and participation in almost all sequences of the actors Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo, "Sharknado" is a horror-disaster film. The science fiction story tells a disaster involving a hurricane that results in multiple tornadoes and sharks, which are pulled out of the Pacific Ocean and deposited in cities like Los Angeles and New York causing immense destruction. At Netflix, all sequences are available: "Sharknado 2: The Second One" (2014); "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" (2015); "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" (2016).

"A Haunted House" 1 and 2 (2013)

A parody of the movie "Paranormal activity", "A Haunted House" It is a classic actor Marlon Wayans. Best known for movie "White Chicks"This new feature shows the desperation of nowhere mature guy when his girlfriend moves into your home and is possessed by an evil spirit. At Netflix, we still have the sequence of this classic.

"Everybody in panic" 1 and 2 (2000)

Both films - horror Classic skits "Panic" - are available on Netflix. suspenseful comedies are much trash - on purpose - and join the list of bad movies that everyone likes to see from time to time to relax and give a good laugh with the bizarre situations.

Movies to watch on Netflix

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