“New World”: How the relationship of Domitila and Pedro will disturb Leopoldina

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Those who follow the plot of "New world"Although already have an idea of ​​what was to come, you are probably shocked by the latest developments of the novel of the six Globo. That's because Domitila (Agatha Moreira) entered once in history and has begun to disrupt the life of the couple Pedro (Caio Castro) and Leopoldina (Letícia Colin).

By the beginning of its history, Domitila leaves viewers a little brave to seduce Peter, the future Marquise de Santos achieved its goal of going to Rio de Janeiro and became another prince lover Brazil.

And this seems to only be the beginning of the couple's plans in serial narrative. Want to understand a little more about the relationship between Domitilla and Dom Pedro will upset - a lot! - the beloved princess Leopoldina? See below.

Love Triangle: Domitila, Pedro and Leopoldina

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# 1 Leopoldina know the relationship and can not do anything

Since moving to Brazil to become the wife of Dom Pedro, Leopoldina realized that her husband is a womanizer. Since then, Prince collected affairs: Naomi (Luisa Micheletti) Dulcina (Joana Solnado), Benedicta (Larissa Bracher) and now Domitila.

The sad part is that while actually be in love with her husband, the princess is always aware of the novels that Peter is involved. However, it has no control of situations and can not do anything to control it.

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# 2 Peter will not be next to Leopoldina in important moments

To be again "in love" with one of his mistresses, Dom Pedro reserve a good time to spend next to Domitila, moving away from home and family. Because of this, let Leopoldina on hand at several important moments for the princess.

One of the cases in which Peter changed Leopoldina by Domitila was once the prince met his mistress and spent the day - and night - with the young. João Carlos, the son of the royal couple, had a few months of life, but it was difficult, and not just surviving. However, Dom Pedro was not next to the wife at this devastating time.

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# 3 Domitila will turn the head of Pedro

Working alongside Thomas (Gabriel Braga Nunes) to win the prince, Domitila aims to enrich and have an easy time with the children. For this, you want to seduce Dom Pedro and use all his wordiness and charm to turn the thought of the ruler - even on people who are close to the Brazilian royal family.

Domitila managed to spoil the long-standing friendship between Peter and Pun (Romulo Estrela), will make the prince away from Leopoldina and along with Thomas, have some plans to try to end Joaquim (Chay Suede). After all, you can modify how the Brazilian people see Dom Pedro during the process of independence, since the population has Leopoldina as a very dear woman.

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# 4 Pedro humiliate Leopoldina to make your relationship with public Domitila

Leopoldina will not be not at all well after Dom Pedro "make public" their relationship with Domitila. Unashamed of their actions, the prince will say in love with the young and not turn to his subjects think of the situation. Always a good princess, how will Leopoldina will deal with it?

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# 5 Peter will give everything Domitila want to continue to be the two lovers

Going literally trash the luxury, Domitila will do anything to get what he wants, even threatening to leave or end the relationship with the prince. So she does not do that, Dom Pedro promises to give all that the lover wants, starting with a luxurious home in Rio de Janeiro. Future owner of the title of Marquesa de Santos, the young will be rich and will live with all the perks that the prince can offer you.

We can only follow the plot of "New World" to learn how the love triangle between Domitila, Pedro and Leopoldina will unfold. For those going to their fans?

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