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Previously, many women fought against genetic and tried, at all costs, smooth wires. Today, however, the style is considered mega glamorous, and curly hair They are gaining more space.

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According to the hairdresser Dudu Coisseur, Studio Hans, in Rio de Janeiro, for those with the curly wires, the ideal is to cut short hair, maximum up to her chin. "Usually, those who have curly hair does not like to cut short one because you think it is fuller, but depends largely on the court. Can you work well with the uneven hair and leave the front a little longer"Is recommended.

According to him, an easy way to fix the locks in the morning without wasting much time is applied after washing mousse and scrunch with a towel. However, if your hair is even more beautiful a day after washing, just apply a leave in to give a light modeled in bunches before leaving home.

Famous with curly short hair:

2013 05 sarah jessica parker hairGetty Images

Previously, actress Sarah Jessica Parker wore very short hair and all curly. Credit: Getty Images

sophie charlotte hair

The actress Sophie Charlotte recently joined the fashion of short and wavy. Credit: TV Globo / João Miguel Junior

sheron menezes hair

The actress Sheron Menezes takes his curled locks and has a super stripped style. Credit: Globo / Raphael Dias

rihanna curly hair

Among the many changes that Rihanna has done in the hair, one of them was to let the blond strands, curly and shorter. Credit: Getty Images

rachel mcadams Hair

Actress Rachel McAdams also came to use the short and curly style. Credit: Getty Images

patricia pillar hair

short and curly hair is a registered trademark of actress Patrícia Pillar. Credit: Agnews

meg ryan hair

Meg Ryan is also known for short, ringed locks. The actress prefers messy style. Credit: Getty Images

2013 05 mariana ximenes hairAgnews

The actress Mariana Ximenes joined the fashion and was beautiful! Credit: Agnews

leandra leal hair

The actress Leandra Leal got along with short hair and enroladinho. Credit: Agnews

jessica simpson hair

The singer and actress Jessica Simpson is the femme fatale type that is always with the long, golden hair. But even she has had its phase cropped wires. Credit: Getty Images

jessica alba hair

Actress Jessica Alba wore curly wires at shoulder height with a side bangs. Credit: Getty Images

halle berry hair

Today, Halle Berry is recognized for its corpão and well-cropped hair. However, the actress came to cut the wires at shoulder height and let them wavy and bulky. Credit: Getty Images

fatima bernardes hair

Fátima Bernardes always kept the wires at shoulder height, but since winning her talk show, joined from time to wavy style. Credit: TV Globo / Alex Carvalho

drew barrymore hair

Drew Barrymore's half louquinha when it comes to hair - the actress has made up strands roses. But with this cut she nailed it, right? Credit: Getty Images

dianna argon hair

The actress Dianna Argon recently joined the short and curly wires. Credit: Getty Images

camila pitanga hair

Short, wavy hair are part of the identity of the actress Camila Pitanga. Credit: Agnews

anne hathaway hair

The actress Anne Hathaway was superfofa with shorter and slightly wavy wires. Credit: Getty Images Valéria Valenssa is a great example of how short curly wires are beautiful. Credit: Agnews

emma watson hair

The actress Emma Watson has been decreasing gradually until your tresses leaving them well Curtinhas. In the meantime, we came to use the short and curly style as well. Credit: Getty Images

Christina Hendricks hair

red, short and wavy strands: the look of the actress Christina Hendricks is or is not pure glamor? Credit: Getty Images

Katherine Heigl hair

The actress was Katherine Heigl with the elongated neck mega cutting. Credit Getty Images

2013 05 reese witherspoon hairGetty Images

The actress Reese Witherspoon won diva look with this hairstyle. Credit: Getty Images

valeria valenssa hair

Valéria Valenssa is a great example of how short curly wires are beautiful. Credit: Agnews

vanessa hudgens hair

Vanessa Hudgens also experienced the wires a bit cropped and curly. Credit: Getty Images

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