Taking clothes mildew stain

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hen the clothes abut long, it is normal to appear mildew stains, mainly due to the humidity. Besides being a problem, it can cause skin allergies and even breathing.

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How to prevent mold

First of all, it is important to avoid appearance of mold: Place the pieces to sunbathe and place a piece of chalk in your wardrobe. When tissues are only badly smelling, soak the laundry in a bucket with lukewarm water softener and have addresses. But if you insist on appearing, some mixtures can help solve the problem of time.

homemade recipes to take the spot of colorful fabrics

Mix some lemon juice and salt, to form a solution. Apply on top of the mold. Allow to dry and wash normally. Important: do not mix stained clothes mildew with other parts.

Another tip, especially for finer fabrics, is to apply a little hot milk over the default, pressing until it clearer. After the procedure, wash with mild soap and water.

Stains on white fabrics

Soak the garment in a bucket of water and mix with a little bleach. Leave for a few minutes and wash normally to leave totally clean cloth.

Remove stain with bicarbonate

Place the workpiece into a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water. For each liter of liquid, you should put a teaspoon of the product.

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