Suchá lose weight more than teas and juices: 5 recipes to achieve your goal


Suchá is a mixture of herbs and fruits that promises to be more powerful to your diet than juices or teas consumed alone. That's because the drink combines ingredients that can ensure satiety, good load of antioxidants and also speed up the metabolism. Everything will depend on the chosen elements to prepare. Whatever your goal - is to lose weight or gain more health - for sure there is an ideal Suchá for you.

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"The Suchá sustains more, gives more satiety than a juice or tea alone. Depending on the result that the person searching, there is a characteristic Suchá for that purpose"Explains the functional Dr. nutritionist. Andrezza Botelho.

It is recommended to take Suchá along with two of Brazil nuts to decrease glucose uptake (Credit: Thinkstock)

How do Suchá

O preparation Suchá It is exactly like a juice, but you need to replace the water for the tea. This tea should be prepared by infusion to the desired grass - that because the bag does not have as many nutrients as those made from the leaves. Just add fruit to tea and hit the blender.

how to consume

It is ideal to be consumed once a day, and afternoon snack. According to the expert, it can be drunk cold and is best suited not add sugar. If you want to sweeten, opt for sweetener or honey. There are contraindications for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and children stage - in these cases, you need to consult a doctor before betting on drink.

nutritionist tip: Dra. Andrezza recommends taking the Suchá accompanied by two of Brazil nuts. This will decrease the absorption of glucose by the body of the fruit.

Revenue from Sucha

sucha making recipeThinkstock

Suchá against PMS or colic - Mulberry tea with red fruits

sucha making recipe 2Thinkstock

Suchá to lose weight - Tea porangaba or chamomile with lemon or pineapple

sucha as do revenues 3Thinkstock

For those who suffer from fluid retention - horsetail tea with watermelon or pineapple

sucha as do revenues 4Thinkstock

Suchá for those who have a strong desire to eat sweet - Crash hibiscus tea with chilled banana or mango

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Suchá for those who make fitness - olive tea with acai pulp (without guarana syrup) and banana

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