6 treatments to stop stretch marks


Ending stretch marks It is a dream, but also a difficult task! The good news is that new technologies can improve the appearance of these marks are the result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers when there is excessive stretching or hormonal changes.

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"At old stretch marks (White) are as scars, or any inflammatory process is resolved and no longer repairing damage"Explains dermatologist Márcia Pontes (RJ). To red (most recent), the chances are much higher, since these are injuries still in progress.

Techniques to treat stretch marks

DOT CO2 SmartXide

What it is: This is a fractional CO2 laser that stimulates new collagen production

and reorganizes the old. "It dampens the rough skin, making thinner and less visible stretch marks"Explains dermatologist Slim Clinique (RJ), Daniela Lemes. The treatment is a little sore, so apply a topical anesthetic a few minutes before the session.

Post-procedure care: Do not sunbathe during treatment.

Skin type: Can be made in any skin.

Number of sessions: For red streaks, 3 sessions with an interval of two months between them. For white, 5 sessions, with the same range. Average price per session: From R $ 800,00.


What it is: It is a device with several tips for various treatments. The used to erase stretch marks is the erbium laser. "The skin responds to the heat emitted by the device forming new collagen, regenerating the groove"Explains dermatologist Renata Valente Carneiro, São Paulo (SP). The procedure is a little sore, but is used an anesthetic ointment before. The skin becomes swollen and red for about 2 hours.

Post-procedure care: Indicates the use of a retinoic acid and moisturizer on site. It is forbidden to sunbathe during treatment.

Skin Type: All. "The advantage of Icon is that it comes with a melanin sensor that detects the amount of pigment present in the skin of the patient. This makes the equipment has an adjustment to the exact power to treat according to skin tone, avoiding risk of burn or stain," explains dermatologist Vivid Clinic (SP), Patricia Bacher.

Number of sessions: 4 (1 month).

Average price per session:

R R $ 600 to $ 2000 *.


What it is: A roll with fine needle is passed over the skin, causing micro-lesions and initiating a repair reaction in these '' machucadinhos". "It stimulates the action of fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin to restore skin"Says dermatologist Juliana Carnevale, of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). An anesthetic cream is used and the skin reddens 2-3 days. Who is prone to keloids and hypertrophic scars should not do.

Post-procedure care: Avoid the sun for a week.

Skin type: According to the doctor, the microagulhamento can be done in any skin without risk of staining.

Number of sessions: 2 to 4, with 8 weeks apart.

Average price per session: from R $ 400 to R $ 800 *.


What it is: It is the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide into the groove. "As a result, are formed fibroblasts and subsequent production of blood vessels, as well as elastin and collagen"Explains dermatologist Flávia Chehin (SP). The dermatologist Dicorp network (RJ), Irene Dantas, indicates associate it with two other techniques: Acid peels and mesotherapy (injections of assets). According to her, the combination goes up to 80% of white and 90% streaks of red. The skin becomes swollen and red for 24 hours.

Post-procedure care: Avoid the sun and do not use irritants in place of the groove.

Skin Type: All.

Number of sessions: At least 10, every 1 to 2 weeks.

Average price per session: $ 240 * R.

Accent Legato

What it is: laser apparatus that makes microfurinhos invisible on the skin. "From them, they are introduced into the dermis regenerative active collagen by an ultrasonic tip which 'pushes' into"Explains dermatologist Volpe Clinic (SP), Jardis Volpe. Thus, the collagen is stimulated, reducing the depth and breadth of it. the use of anesthetic cream is required. The skin becomes red for 72 hours, then holes may appear, but without the formation of crust.

Post-procedure care: Avoid the sun during treatment.

Skin type: Can be applied to any type of skin and is especially suitable for the brown and black. That's because its technology does not depend on melanin to act (unlike other lasers).

Number of sessions: 4 to 6 range with 3-4 weeks.

Average price per session: R $ 1,500 *.

Sellas Evo

What is Laser fractionated erbium, which can treat skin deep, making the method more efficient. "It will work to regenerate the tissue, stimulating the formation of new collagen"Explains dermatologist Ana Paula Urzedo (SP). To be a painful treatment, the application of a local anesthetic before the procedure is necessary. The skin usually becomes red and sore in the first 40 minutes after application.

Post-procedure care: It is indicated thermal water to hydrate the site. And escape the sun!

Skin type: Can be made in any skin.

Number of sessions: 4 to 6 every 30 days.

Average price per session: from R $ 800 to R $ 1000 *.

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