african hair is the trend Fashion Week; fashionistas give tips to take bunches

hair african SPFW how to takeAna Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

The wave of the iron and progressive brush is running out. At least so it seems to those traveling through the corridors of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week presenting the trends for summer 2014 to 2015. Not a few fashionistas who took the grapes and made success with african hair. We interviewed the most stylish girls of the event and ask: how to care for curly hair? Check out the tips.

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African hair care

hair african SPFWAna Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

Alana Moreira, promoting, carries a great trick to its clusters: the leave in. According to the brunette, he is able to leave the defined and voluminous curls. To get the result, she washes her hair every day and then apply the product.

african hair Fashion Week 2Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

Nayana Rodrigues was hostess at SPFW and told us that is very dry wires and therefore hydrates ever. Another precaution is to alternate the types of shampoo, conditioner and cream to comb and also apply leave in and repairing oil.

african hair Fashion Week 3Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

The trick Carolina Prazeres model is to define the curls with the diffuser. After using products suitable for the type of hair, it dries with the device and apply restorative oil.

african hair Fashion Week 4Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

Models and Suzana and Suzene Massena sisters avoid wetting the hair every day and moisturize whenever they can. 'Most importantly, avoid washing your hair in hot water not dry out. Always wash your head in cold water and then continue bathing in hot water. ' This care prevents dryness of the wires that are already naturally dry.

african hair Fashion Week 7Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

Elen is Adjard model and chooses to leave the well dry hair to define curls. To do this, wash day in, day out. 'On the day I wash, I let loose of course. If not, I choose to make a hairstyle with clips'. The trick is to wash the fashionista leave in applying to wet hair and let air dry. When the wires are dry, it uses a dryer to finish the root and the loose curls with a comb. The tips of the end restorative is applied to shine.

african hair Fashion Week 6Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

Victoria Principal is a producer and model and reveals a trick to set the hair in a disciplined way: sleep with them up. 'It is only pull back of the head up and lay on the pillow. So when they are full agreement, but not messy. ' Moreover, it does hydration at home and in the salon, use spray polishes and tips repairman always to finish. 'The cut also determines the outcome of the hair. I asked my hairdresser let thrown wires aside '.

african hair Fashion Week 5Ana Flora Toledo / Bolsa de Mulher

The journalist Maitê Freitas is stylish and loves to wear turbans to innovate in the african visual. 'It's a great option to look beautiful without wasting much time.' She washes the threads once a week and for daily maintenance, bet on combing cream based on coconut or aloe vera. The biggest trick is always moisturize.

Want more tips for curly hair? The video teaches to do hairstyles for this type of yarn.

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