Food, releasing the intestine and need to be on your menu

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THE constipation is a common problem among Brazilian and among the various causes to which it is associated, this problem has among its main sources feeding. For the intestine to function properly, an essential process for the detoxification of the body and weight loss, some foods can be great allies. See what cthe intestine, releasing omidas.

whole grains

Whole grains in general are very high in fiber and help regulating bowel function. Remember that, so that the fibers have the desired effect, you must also drink water regularly. Among the cereals, bet in flaxseed, brown rice, oats and wheat bran. The latter contains about 13 grams of fiber in a half cup of tea.


The spinach, as well as dark green vegetables in general, part of the group of foods rich in fiber and thus stimulate the movement of the intestine. In addition, the spinach has a number of benefits: a source of vitamins and minerals, it is a powerful antioxidant and also helps in controlling diabetes because it decreases the levels of blood sugar.

sesame seed

Powerful natural remedy for constipation, sesame is slightly laxative and emollient, which means that lubricates the gut, facilitating their movement. A tip to enjoy the benefits of this seed is consuming it in moderation, since the excess of soluble fiber may harm the intestines. Two tablespoons per day are sufficient.


For those who suffer from constipation, almonds can be a great ally. That's because the oily substances that walnut help moisturize the intestines and feces, causing it pass more easily across the intestinal canal. The fruit also helps you lose weight, since their monounsaturated fats help stabilize blood sugar levels and activate the metabolism.


Excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, tomato helps loosen the intestine thanks to their stimulation of gastric secretions, which help accelerate digestion. In addition, the fruit helps to purify the blood and is a good anticoagulant, which helps in preventing heart disease.

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