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In 1990, without great ambitions, the brothers Kiko (Franco Finato Scornavacca), Leandro Finato Scornavacca and Bruno Finato Scornavacca decided to form a band together. Kind of like a Brazilian version of the Bee Gees, the KLB group was then launched on the market in 2000 with hits that mixed pop and rock in letters full of romance.

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After bursting onto the music scene, the band performed in virtually every major television shows and played shows throughout Brazil. The group never came to announce its end, but its members have taken a career break to devote to personal projects and, in 2013, Leandro went on to say that you want to resume music career alongside brothers. See news about the boys today:



Away from the stage, the singer decided to bet on political career. In 2012, he was candidate for councilor in the elections in Sao Paulo, the PSD, but did not get elected. The low number of votes received by the famous became the butt of jokes on social networks. He has dated a presenter Amanda Françozo and Michele Pin model.



Besides being the lead singer of the band, Leandro plays drums and harmonica. Just like Kiko, he entered politics, but with more success than his brother. He was elected and currently is a state representative in Sao Paulo. Married to Natália Guimarães, the young man became father of twins in August 2013.



The group's bassist also completely changed the focus of its activities. Martial artist, the famous turned MMA fighter and debuted with victory over Diego Ramones in Fair Fight MMA event. According to Bruno, the new profession does not hinder a career in music, and in fact, the discipline required by the sport makes him look for perfection in everything you do.

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