Fashion vocabulary: understand the words of the fashion world

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Girls tuned in fashion They know that there are some very typical little words of those who live in the fashion world. Are specific expressions used by designers, models and all who are around this universe. If you are one of the most passionate about trends, it is essential to stay on top of what is said there. And for that, we give forcinha!

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We spoke to the translator Michelle Haro, Wizard school principal of Florianópolis (SC), and it lists some of the little words that can not miss on your fashionista vocabulary!

Avant-garde - Vanguard. In fashion, it may be a style that represents a break in the artistic standards of his time

Bolero - short and open coat, which only covers the shoulders and breasts and should be used for regattas. The bolero can be with or without sleeves

Cache-Coeur - blouse type with pierced and draped neckline on the chest

cardigan - Fleece without breasted collar and centrally, which might be used on other parts

Casting - Selection models

"It Girls" girls are tuned in fashion trends that cast among his followers (Credits: Shutterstock)

catwalk - catwalk

changeant - changing

Clean - Clean, clear picture, easy viewing. In fashionista dictionary, a clean look is one that has many accessories, can be less loaded, less colorful

Flared - Skirt with cut slightly wider at the bottom

Fashion Seasons - Seasons of shows

Folk - Style developed through inspiration in folk items of a country or region

Highlights - The hottest point, the feel of a parade of some event

Hi-lo - Tall and short

hype - advertising over, something that causes a lot of expectation before its release, dissemination of euphoria. In fashion, it's something like modern, trendy

It Girl - The girl of the moment, that dictates fashion, tune

Patchwork - Working with flaps

Poa - Print pellets

Ready-to-wear - Ready to take clothes with pre-established measure (P, M, G)

soft - Light

stylists - Stylist

vintage - Old, for the years 20

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