smoky blue makeup with coffee brown and black: tutorial that will inspire you

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If you are in love with makeup and always looking for inspiration to dare to look, certainly you have wondered bet on a blue look that, although uncommon, can result in an incredible look. No idea how to start? Check out the tip of the blogger Bruna Tavares, the "Pause To Feminices"Which, in his YouTube channel, teaches a powerful tutorial blue makeup mist with brown and black.

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blue makeup mouthPlay / YouTube

Start with the beige pencil below the eyebrow and the concealer around the eyes and use a coffee brown shade to blur around the eyeball, pressing the outer corner. Apply primer on the eyelid and apply the dark blue shadow across the eyelid with taps using a flat brush. Make waterline with black pencil, fill the outer corner and esfume the region.

blue makeup doublePlay / YouTube

With an opaque black shadow, make the concave not exceeding the brown shade. In the lower lashes, go back to the brown shade and black shadow to seal. Then use an illuminating shade in the inner corner and wipe with concealer under the eyes. Finish with mask lashes. Check out the step by step in the video below:

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