What is fresh cream?

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It is common for recipes specify the exact type of ingredient to be used in its preparation and some questions may arise when choosing the ideal cream for each recipe: What is the best for sauces? What use in the preparation of sweets and toppings? What are the differences between the fresh cream and the industrialized? Learn what each of them and where to use.

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The fresh cream is milk fat and can also be called cream. It is one of the main ingredients of butter.

It is not necessary take whey cream fresh because it comes without its appearance is liquid and can be found near the cheese and milk at the supermarket. It is recommended to buy the quantity to be used because their shelf life is much lower than the industrialized.

Difference between fresh cream and the box

The fresh cream is pasteurized and should always be kept in a cool environment. This type can be boiled and used for sweet preparations, and whipped toppings.

Already industrialized is done at high temperature (UHT), and is also known as homogenised cream. Although done in this temperature level, it should not come into direct contact with hot things, otherwise it hoist. Always put this ingredient when the food is at room temperature or warm. Suitable for the preparation of sauces.

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