Coconut oil moisturizes, but should not be applied in pure hair

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Coconut oil has numerous benefits for the hair. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it is a powerful moisturizer that acts on the inner portion of the wire, rebuilding it and strengthening it. ideal for dry hair and lifeless, the oil is able to provide shine and softness to the locks, if used the right way.

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According explains the dermatologist Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, coconut oil acts on the hair cortex, which is the inner portion of the hair mass, or "structure of the". "When the woman is sloshing, it damages the cuticle wire and exposes the cortex, making it easy to fracture by. All hair treatments are designed to avoid this breakage and improve toning wire. The oil is one, it increases the resistance of the hair"He explains.

X silicon Coconut Oil

The specialist differentiates the action of coconut oil and the Silicone Hair. According to her, the last act in the cuticle, which is its outermost portion. The effect is the feeling of softer wires instantly. "Coconut oil promotes an internal nutrition, its action is deeper. Unlike silicon, it will not form a film around and give the feeling that momentary hydration. Your goal is not lubrication, because it is completely absorbed by the wire", describe.

Using coconut oil

coconut oil cooking 0ShutterstockSe applied pure hair, vegetable oils - like coconut - do not produce any effect. The ideal is to seek a cosmetic that takes the ingredient in the composition

Precisely because of this, the product as well as all other vegetable oils should not be applied neat hair. "He has no grip. Coconut oil can be used in some cosmetic as an accessory. He must be among the components of a hydrating mask, conditioner, shampoo, etc."He says.

But not enough to mix a few you like the oil in a hydrating solution and apply it on the hair. According explains Dr. Maria Fernanda, the product undergoes changes in the industry to be integrated with other components, ensuring its efficacy.

"All conditioners and masks contain some kind of oil, to a greater or lesser amount. The indication is to use products with greater concentration in the thicker wires, and the lower concentration in the oilier. However, manufacturers do not indicate the percentage of oil in the package, or any other component"Says dermatologist. "The most appropriate is to test different products and analyze their results, noting if the hair was too heavy or oily"Is recommended.

Ask indication of the most suitable products for your cooked moisture your stylist or dermatologist, as well as guidance on the frequency of use. Keep in mind that, if used in excess, coconut oil and moisturizing masks can cause the opposite effect desired desiccating and weakening the yarns.

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